Etna lava stone processing

The company Parlato Marble, tradition and innovation

Salvatore Parlato, craftsman of marble, Acireale (CT), began its activities at an early age stonemason, at the premises of his master, the grandfather said Luciano Neddu Grasso, owner of the prestigious company craft ACES "fat Marbles". The activity of stonemason, took place in the city of origin to 2005 with his older brother, with whom he maintained the activities of his grandfather, has acquired over the years quality craftsmanship and high-level business, entering a professional in many areas, including which, in particular, the furnishing of interiors and exteriors of villas, hotels, reception halls. The choice by the brothers spoke to expand the business inherited from his grandfather led to the creation of a new independent company. Born, so in Zafferana (CT) on the slopes of Etna, the company "Speaking Marbles", purely artisanal, family-run company. Neddu grandfather, of course, Salvatore Parlato has inherited the passion and the techniques work, and driven by family tradition, passed on his experience to his sons Louis and Christian, giving them the opportunity to continue to grow as a company appreciated. Louis and Christian are now working the marble with the same techniques he learned from his father, also using modern technology and adding a touch of creativity, which helps them to distinguish themselves and their work spread over a wide area. The continuous speech, therefore, the tradition of an ancient craft, but at the same time today. Among their most notable works include: tops for tables, fountains, stairs, furniture, interior and exterior coatings of gates, but what I prefer Louis and Christian are the specific, difficult works that often more difficult to achieve. It 'so that the respect for tradition and the secrets of the profession, which are passed down for generations are able to conjugate with the originality and innovation, making true today Speech specialists in marble. It 'easy to confirm this: just watch them work.


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