Etna lava stone processing

Lava Stone Works

Work in lava rock, resulting from the nearby quarries Etna mining industry, for ornamental purposes or for construction materials .. Intervened on the extracted material that drew the stone-breaker stone slabs, the stone cutter then finished off the material. One of the uses prevalent in the lava rock was meant was the paving of city streets and rural areas. With the lava rock can be made ornaments and sculptures and in the arts has noticed a positive increase in its use for interior residential use.

Speaking Marbles

TALKING MARBLES in furniture, paneling makes fireplaces, stairs, floors with inlays, furniture for bathrooms, kitchen tops and architectural elements both indoors and outdoors. In the building for businesses, government agencies, architectural firms and private, produces monuments, coats, sculptures, fountains, benches, gazebos, statues, columns, vases, stone, cobblestone, cladding of walls, balconies, roofs and stone any other architectural element.


Marble Works

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed mainly of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). The word derives from the ancient greek marble (mármaron), with the meaning "shining stone", itself derived from the verb (marmaíro), which means "shine, shine." The marble is formed through a process of metamorphic sedimentary rocks such as limestone or dolomite, composed and gives rise to a mosaic of crystals of calcite or dolomite (mineral).


The company carries out work to:

Marble, granite, stone.
Interior trim for houses and villas
artistic flooring
Precious stone cladding
Squaring stone for exterior windows
Construction stone portals of entry
Stone exterior elevations
Coatings marble staircases and / or stones
street furniture
Furniture for gardens and parks
Lapidary carvings on stone and marble of all kinds
Decorative applications on stone and marble
custom Solutions
Funerary art, tombstones


Marble and lava stone in Sicily

WORK Date Client
Villa Mirador 2011


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